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  • What is CrossFit?
  • Does CrossFit make me bulky?

    Some women are worried that if they start doing CrossFit and lifting heavy weights they will bulk up and start to look like a man. Nothing could be further from the truth – lifting heavy weights is the best thing a woman can do to get in shape fast.Most women strive for a ‘toned’ look and often work on their abs or arms attempting to achieve this, nearly always struggling to see improvements. This is because this whole approach is based on a misconception. You cannot ‘spot-reduce’ fat (losing fat on just your arms or stomach). To be toned simply means to have a low body fat percentage and have sufficient muscular development so that the muscle is defined. This is typically below 10% for men and below 20% for women. Losing weight should not be the focus, improving body composition should be. The following photo illustrates how the equivalent amount of fat takes up more room than muscle:



    Therefore to be toned you must develop muscle and reduce overall body fat. CrossFit style training which incorporates strength training and intense metabolic conditioning is perfect for achieving both these goals. The following photo illustrates what improvements in body composition can do for your body image:



  • Is CrossFit for anyone?

    CrossFit aims to promote a ‘fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive.’ What this means is that CrossFit does not specialise in any one aspect of fitness but instead develops a balanced, overall fitness. This means that CrossFit is perfect for anyone who is not training for a particular sport but is simply looking to get in shape and have fun with developing overall fitness.

    CrossFit is also inclusive. What this means is that CrossFit is appropriate for the total beginner as well as more advanced athletes. CrossFit achieves this by making the skill level and intensity of the workouts appropriate to the individual. Visit us at White Wolf and we will put you through workouts which are challenging yet accessible, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

  • Will CrossFit help me lose weight?

    As discussed in the ‘Will CrossFit Make Me Bulky’ section, focussing on the weight on the scales is the wrong approach. Two people may weigh exactly the same while one is healthy and lean and the other is overweight and unwell. The difference is the level of body fat relative to muscle mass. This is called body composition. The real goal should be to improve body composition. For some this will mean losing significant levels of body fat, while others may need to focus on gaining muscle mass.

  • Why is CrossFit more expensive than conventional gym memberships?

    In the traditional gym model you pay a modest fee so that you can use the gym equipment. This may be an effective approach for the individual who is educated in exercise programming and sports nutrition, possesses perfect technique, and is motivated and disciplined enough to put in hard work in the gym on a consistent basis. However, most people need direction about what exercise programme is appropriate and what foods should be eaten at what times. More importantly, people need to perform exercises with the proper form and technique in order to ensure the desired results are achieved and injury is avoided. The best way to achieve this is by performing the exercise with the help of and watchful eye of an experienced and qualified coach.

    One way to get this guidance is through personal training. This is a very good option, but unfortunately is also very expensive. Most personal trainers cost at least £25 per session (often much more than this). 3 sessions per week with a personal trainer would cost at least £300 per month.

    CrossFit provides the interaction and guidance of a personal trainer, but within a small group setting. This makes CrossFit much more affordable than personal training while still providing the same benefits mentioned above. In addition to this CrossFit provides a social setting for exercise where people who usually find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise find that they are spurred on to participate by their friends and peers who are training alongside them.

    For someone who chooses to train CrossFit 5 times a week (someone on a White Wolf Unlimited membership) will be paying the equivalent of £3.75 per CrossFit class, where they will receive instruction and guidance from an experienced coach alongside their friends. This is much more accessible and affordable than personal training.

    Given the value and benefits of receiving expert instruction and supervision from a coach, CrossFit offers incredible value. Once you experience the benefits of following a true Strength and Conditioning programme at White Wolf you will be convinced of it’s great value.

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