CrossFit Lisburn – Steve’s Journey

By Andy 0

Over he past 3 months we have met some great people of all different kinds of sporting backgrounds.

With some good determination and the right training programme we have seen some amazing results!

Take Steve for example –

“I started training at Whitewolf a little over two months ago. I live close by and drove past the unit regularly watching the ‘Whitewolf’ logo being erected. This aroused my curiosity as to what the building was going to be used for. A few taps into my phone later and I had the answer…Crossfit Lisburn.

I had heard people talking about Crossfit before but had no real clue what it was all about, so I did some research and decided to give it a go! I have attended gyms and fitness classes in the past, but the combination of monotony and lack of self motivation inevitably resulted with me favouring lying on the sofa to breaking a sweat after a short period of time. This changed when I started at Whitewolf. The workout changes everyday and is a perfect balance of weight training and cardiovascular exercise. That’s not the best part though, the people I have met there are among some of the most genuine and friendly I’ve ever encountered. They spur you on and encourage you through a tough workout which helps push you to your limit. This brings me to the coaches. They care, really care about every individual in the class. The desire they have for you to lift more weight or nail a new technique is genuine, and it works!
Since starting at Whitewolf, I have dropped almost a stone and a half, I am stronger and have tons more energy! When I started, body composition was my only goal, now that is just a bi-product of being able to lift more weights and complete gruelling met cons! Exercise is not the chore it once was, it’s fun! I’m looking forward to seeing even better results in the future!”




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